Cookin' with Paula Deen

Cookin' with Paula Deen
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It was a fairytale RWOP week!

The entire week in Savannah was like a fairytale! My 15 Sister finalists and I were treated like rockstars! I love them all, Savannah, Paula Deen (and her staff), Folks from Eqal, Kraft, Meddin studios, and our Angel Audie! I was manicured, make-upped, coiffed, pedicurred, massaged, photographed (and photographed, and photographed...) interviewed, fed (and fed, and fed, and fed...) and shown the hospitality of the people of Savannah endlessly! Paula Deen was a most charming and beautiful role-model for us all. Congrats to our Hosts that were crowned- Moni, Paula T, Kirsten and Amy!! This was a gathering of some of the most gifted, creative, big-hearted, and beautiful women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and being a part of! Our new motto is "The US that we became...the US that we are", because we are now a sisterhood of an amazing kind.

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